Brandy created at Proshyan Brandy Factory represents a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation and high quality ingredients. We present to you our finest brandy, each of which testifies to our unwavering dedication to excellence.

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A mysterious century-old history 

Proshyan Brandy Factory stands as an exceptional creator of alcoholic beverages, consistently crafting novel flavors that mirror the brand's storied heritage. Established in 1995, the factory remains at the forefront of brandy production in Armenia.

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Frunzik Brut White Sparkling wine in a glass.


Proshyan Brandy Factory is known not only for its large assortment of brandy, but also for its wines. We present you unique samples of our wines, created with love and boundless devotion.

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Centuries-old history of brandy and wine production

At Proshyan Brandy Factory, we continue to uphold the age-old customs of producing brandy and wine. Every bottle that emerges from our facility encapsulates the essence of Armenian legacy and skillful artistry.